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Our Solutions are Endless

Gift Cards


Gift Card programs can:


Boost Sales and Increase Business. Gift cards bring in

new customers and they often spend more than the

amount on the card.


Improve Cash Flow and Profit Margins. Whether or

not your product or service is redeemed, you collect

payment upon card purchase.


Simplify Store Credits and Prevent Fraud. Issuing gift

cards is not only more convenient than paper receipts,

but it also keeps the cash in your store.

Double as a Useful Marketing Tool. These cards act

as mini “billboards” in your customer’s wallet.


Loyalty Card programs can:


Reward Repeat Business. Customers like to be rewarded

for their business. These programs bring them back

again and again.


Boost sales. Creating an incentive plan for customers

makes them inclined to spend more to achieve

that reward.


Increase Ticket Size. Repeat loyalty customers spend

33% more than new customers!


How to make a Loyalty Card Program work for

your business:


Restaurants/Coffee Shops: Reward customers with a

free drink/meal for every 10 drinks/meals purchased

with our Frequency Reward Program.


Retail Stores: Encourage customers to sign-up for a

free membership card and reward them with a $5 -

$20 discount for every $100 they spend with our

Dollar Rewards Program.

Or offer a 5% - 20% discount toward their future purchase

with our Percentage Rewards Program.


Whether you choose a gift card program, a loyalty card

program or both – all refunds, rebates and rewards are

on one card for your customers convenience!  

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