Our Solutions are Endless
Our Solutions are Endless


With Skyline Merchant services, you have access to a full selection of point-of-sale (POS) systems, terminals and printers in a variety of configurations at several price points. We also offer multiple solutions for e-commerce.





Payment Jack Capabilities, Options, and Solutions

  • Support for magstripe, EMV and NFC/contactless transactions, with additional capabilities including voids, refunds, sales tax and tips
  • Multiple language options and currency types available to support merchants across the globe
  • Real-time receipts that can be sent to customers via email and/or SMS*
  • Complete product catalog control allowing merchants to upload and customize item images, SKUs and more.

Merchants can get:


Card Present, Retail rates using the Card Reader connected to their phone


Moto, Card-Not-Present rates by utilizing the Payment Jack Application on their phone.


MOBILE APP- Take Credit cards on your phone or Ipad

Emv, chip and apple pay ready!

Take advantage of our high speed terminals that help CUT cost!  EMV, Chip and apple pay enabled. 


It uses your current Internet connection or phone line. No additional phone lines and eliminates the long lines for customers by utlizing high speed.  With high speed terminals it processes the cards within 3 to 5 seconds.  Price from $175.00 and up.


If you process with us you will recieve this machine for free.  No contracts required.  All we ask is that if you do cancel, we need our machine back.   Just like comcast or dish would want their equipment back.



Next Day Funding

Tired of waiting 2 to 5 days before you recieve your credit card processing deposits. 

We have a solution!  We can now deposit your funds the next day!

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